Marco Pieri is an Italian company founded in 1977. We are based in Genova where we design and produce hand bags , accessories and travel bags. Our mission is to offer our customers high quality, lightweight, and attention to details.


In the seventies, Marco Pieri, a keen sailor, returned to Genova after a trip to South America. As a souvenir of his journey, he had bought two travelling bags made of genuine hide. Although they looked quite smart they had one shortcoming: they were very heavy. The idea came to him in a flash! Why not use the strong leather in combination with the lightweight fabric used for sails?

Consequently, in 1977, and initially as a hobby, the then 24 year old M.P. conceived and produced his first, colored, light, strong bag collection. A little later on, the creative and romantic bond he shares with Silvana, both his partner and wife, led him to decide to make a major change in his occupation: he would stop working at Panarello, the historic and renowned Pastry business established by his grandfather, and would devote him only to the design and manufacture of leather goods.


Research , materials machineries and tools grow up : over the years, he has used the most varied materials in his collection: jacquard for ties (each pattern designed by him), silk, velvet, brocade and the traditional Liguria Mezzaro, a hand painted block prints, however always combining these fabrics with the leather he has loved since his youth!

Luckily, in Tuscany, Marco P. was able to find the high quality leather he requires in a few tanneries that still continue to tan hides with the very same traditional methods dating back to the beginning of the ‘800’s. It’s tanned with trunk and rind, chestnut and mimosa extracts and impregnated in wooden barrels without chemical additives. The leather produced in this way is unmistakable in its naturalness and distinctive, reassuring “leathery” smell.


In the '80th the production expands especially adding new items belts, wallets, folding luggage and "indestructible" bags including the legendary backpack.

In the '90th the laboratory is enhanced by printing machinery to propose a new collection: the line "the gift that excites", bags and accessories created "one to one" with the images provided by customers.


The latest evolution looks abroad. Through specialized trade fairs, we offer amazing merchandise for museums' shops , natural parks, tourist sites. All the articles can be fully customized. The quality of our printing is second to none.

To respond to the demand of an increasingly ethical and eco-friendly market we also use a high-tech, synthetic microfiber leather, know as EcoLorica . It 'a material reported as replacement of the skin by the vegan association ; it's perfect to finish the tender line Eco World sold by stationery distributors.


In 2014 Marco Pieri's son entered in the company. Giacomo is a designer.

His creativity combined with family tradition led him to new and important projects based on color, personalization, simplicity and innovation.

Along with his wife Elena creates "Be Your Bag" a brand that embodies and amplifies 40 years with their unique and fresh vision.